Francesca Webster on circular fashion, design inspiration and her changing style.

Timeless style, formidable businesswoman, tastemaker. Just a few words to that come to mind when musing on Francesca Webster, the Sydney based hotel aficionado. We first met Francesca during her almost five years as General Manager of Raes, the Byron Bay luxury boutique hotel. Now back in Sydney, she is overseeing the planning and launch of a new luxury boutique hotel within Potts Point, set to open in 2024.

We met up with Francesca to talk design inspiration, her changing style and circular fashion.

You’re passionate about art, beautiful interiors and fashion; what is your true passion and does any particular one inspire the other? 

My true passion is in creating opportunities and places for those to look around, and be reminded that life is beautiful. The world of hotels is such an incredible conduit to this, and why I ultimately love my career path so very much.

You were based in Byron Bay running Raes for 5 years – has your personal style changed since moving back to Sydney last year?

I tended to avoid wearing black in Byron, and particularly whilst on property at Raes – I never felt the colour fit with the resort beachside aesthetic. Naturally I was eager to get these out once I returned to Sydney. More than the colour, my more structured pieces (tailored pants, blazers) made a return to the everyday staples once I returned to Sydney, along with majority of my closed shoes!

Francesca Webster on pre-loved fashion and sustainable style for The Harmonic

Image Credit: Jess Ruby James

What advice would you give young females who have watched your career trajectory and would love to follow in your footsteps?

Work Hard in Silence, let Success be your noise. Nothing worth having comes easy. Also, meditation, affirmations and visualisation are very powerful tools.

What does circular fashion mean to you?

The concept of ensuring a piece can be loved, worn and passed on more than just the once.

Have you ever sold your own clothing or bought pre-loved?

I can confidently say The Harmonic was my first experience with passing on my once loved items. The process, the company ethos and the ladies behind the brand make it the most fulfilling and worthwhile experience.

Francesca Webster on pre-loved fashion and sustainable style for The Harmonic.

Who do you think is leading the way in fashion sustainability?

The brands that come to mind are often less mainstream, purpose driven and built on strong core values. Brands like Commas and sustainable swimwear label Innes Lauren, who take a considered approach from design and fabric selection, right through to production and packaging.

Where do you see the fashion industry in 10 years?

I hope it’s a far more conscious landscape, conscious producers and conscious consumers where fast fashion is not just frowned upon but is a past thought.

What should every woman have in their wardrobe?

Strong white or blue / white striped shirt, Levis 501s, black one piece swim suit, black blazer, loafers. Invest in pieces that transcend seasons and trends.

Francesca Webster on Pre-loved fashion, sustainable style and The Harmonic.

Congratulations on your recent engagement to Vaughan! Can you give a tiny insight into what Francesca the bride might look like?

Thank you! Whilst Francesca the bride is unsure of what she’ll wear, we know we’d like to host the wedding on Panarea in Italy, the island my Nonna was born.

Francesca Webster for The Harmonic.

Image Credit: Jess Ruby James