Mothers Day with Nessy & Libby

Picture fashion utopia. A place where quality is uncompromised, longevity is favoured over landfill, and style and sustainability aren’t bound by fleeting trends. It’s this dream that sparked the creation of The Harmonic; and it's no coincidence that the idea was dreamed up not long after sisters and best friends Nessy and Libby became mothers.

Libby Robinson and Vanessa Robinson

How did becoming mothers change your professional outlook?

Libby: Your perspective and priorities take the most drastic shift when you all of a sudden become responsible for a tiny human. The patience you have for anything that doesn’t positively add to your life just disappears.

Nessy: Becoming a mother absolutely inspired my career change. I wanted to do something creative, flexible and something that is actually good for our planet.

How has your style changed?

Nessy: My style is very easy, comfortable and practical these days. High heels make an appearance once a year and slides are now my go to.

Libby: The time I have to plan and put together outfits is almost non-existent, so I have definitely streamlined my style. I try to lay out a look the night before so that I’m not scrambling in the morning. And I think I’ve finally discovered my uniform – I still love colour, but after nearly 40 years I’m embracing neutrals.

Has your own mother influenced your personal style?

Nessy: Our mother has always loved fashion. Her style is elegant, classic and practical. She taught us how to dress for your figure shape and not always follow trends. She embodies tran-seasonal dressing.

Libby: Her love of colour has been a huge influence for me. She has never been afraid of colour, but at the same time she taught us how to be selective and choose hues that enhance our skin tone and personal colouring.

How do you find balance?

Libby: We're in awe of every single mother. The constant juggle, the loss of personal space, to actually be responsible for raising and shaping a real-life human being - it's the biggest job in the world. But how lucky are we!

Vanessa: I’m not sure any mother feels that they have nailed the balance between motherhood and career, between motherhood and self, or even motherhood and relationships. But whenever things start to feel overwhelming I remind myself that that’s ok, that it’s normal, and that I’m not alone on this beautiful journey.