The Conscious Wardrobe

Care tips to ensure your garments last the long haul.

On washing 

Over-washing is a common culprit for clothing wear and tear, and is not only wasteful of precious resources but often unnecessary. Sunlight acts as a natural antibacterial agent and eliminates any nasty odours, while spot cleaning is an effective way to remove marks without putting your garments through a rigorous wash cycle. 

Hand-washing is suitable for most delicate fabrics, and doesn’t require the harsh chemicals dry-cleaning does. Simply fill a basin or tub with lukewarm water and add soap or a mild laundry detergent before submerging your pieces - just make sure you don’t twist or wring them out, and no soaking for longer than 30 minutes.

To dry, use a washing line or clothes horse placed in a sunny spot. Tumble dryers typically use up lots of energy and can lead to heat damage and shrinkage. 

On storage

When it comes to keeping your clothes looking their best, proper storage is key. Replace wire hangers with wooden or padded versions, as these can stretch out the shoulders of your garments. 

Always avoid stuffing your closet and drawers to the brim, as poor ventilation can promote mould growth. Plastic dry-cleaning bags also trap moisture, preventing the fabric from being able to breathe, so be sure to remove these before putting your pieces away. 

We recommend giving your garments a once-over with a cloth at the end of each season, bundling items together somewhere cool, dark, dry and away from UV rays. You may like to place them in a vacuum-sealed bag or air-tight container for space efficiency, rotating them depending on your summer or winter capsule.

On mending 

Fixing or updating your garments instead of replacing them not only saves money, but will also keep them in circulation for longer. 

If you’re not confident with DIY, most local dry-cleaners offer competitive rates for minor repairs such as replacing missing buttons and broken zips, reinforcing weak seams and re-hemming. Some labels even offer complimentary alterations and mending services for their items and are happy to refer their customers on to specialty tailors if requested.