The Future of Fashion is Circular

The Harmonic founders Vanessa and Libby on sustainability, style and uniting for change.

Picture fashion utopia. A place where quality is uncompromised, longevity is favoured over landfill, and style and sustainability aren’t bound by fleeting trends.

It’s this dream that sparked the creation of The Harmonic; an online destination for once-loved designer apparel that exists in harmony with the environment, rather than against it. 

Launched in Spring of 2021, it was created by Vanessa and Libby Robinson, two sisters, best friends and mums determined to shake up an industry desperately in need of an eco-friendly overhaul. Their logic was simple: our planet is in trouble. No longer a future threat, climate change is officially on our doorstep, with fashion production drying up water sources, polluting our rivers and streams, and accounting for around 10 percent of all global carbon emissions. By providing a platform that makes it easier for apparel to stay in circulation, and aligning with brands that are rethinking their supply chains and leaning into more sustainable business practices, The Harmonic would allow both designers and consumers to take steps towards lasting change. 

“It’s about challenging ourselves to think differently, not just about which brands we buy from but how we can prevent pre-loved items from going to waste unnecessarily,” Libby says.

“It’s no longer tenable to make, sell, use or dispose of fashion with little awareness as to the negative impact this will have on generations to come.”

The Harmonic’s first campaign has been hand-picked from ethical Australian and New Zealand-owned labels, featuring trans-seasonal pieces designed to wear time and time again.

“Australia and New Zealand, in particular, are leading the way on the world stage when it comes to sustainable fashion,” Vanessa explains. “We have such an extensive selection of brands here to choose from, but there are also many wonderful international labels that we will be adding to our platform over time.”

Whether prioritising local suppliers, opting for organic materials or limiting the amount of chemicals used in production, these brands aren’t just talking the talk when it comes to reducing their footprint.

“Our hope is that it will soon become mainstream for brands to move towards more sustainable fabrics and manufacturing,” Vanessa adds. “Gone will be the days of fast fashion.” 

Libby and Vanessa worked closely with influencers to source the majority of their collection, most of whom had closets filled to the brim with clothes they’d barely worn. 

“These women want to give their beautiful pieces new life,” Libby says. “There’s this mindset that buying second-hand is something to be ashamed of, but worn doesn’t mean worse, inferior, dirty or less valuable. These garments deserve to be passed on, revisited and re-loved.”

At its core, The Harmonic was built on the belief that you shouldn’t have to sacrifice style in order to play your part for the planet.  

“All of our pieces have been treated with care and come beautifully packaged to speak to that high-end shopping experience,” Ness says. “We want everyone to see you can still indulge your love of fashion while making a real difference.”