Libby and Vanessa Robinson

Libby and Vanessa Robinson founded The Harmonic in 2021, while dreaming up ways to fuse their love of fashion with a commitment to a slower more sustainable ecosystem.

As two sisters who grew up on the beaches in Perth, Western Australia we’ve always had a love of fashion and nature. 

Over the past two decades, we’ve both been building corporate careers and families in the UK and Australia. A passionate businesswoman, Libby ran one of the largest digital performance agencies in London. Vanessa, an entrepreneur at heart, has successfully founded and ran an executive search start-up for the past decade.

It wasn’t until we became mothers that our priorities shifted. After years in the corporate world we wanted to create something our children can be proud of and we wanted to make a difference. We became acutely aware of the current climate predicament and the fast-fashion industry’s significant contribution to this. We knew we had a responsibility to tread lightly, to use all we’ve learned in business, and as conscious consumers ourselves, to encourage and nurture a more sustainable message; to consume consciously, to repurpose with purpose, to revisit and re-love. 

There is still a way to go in convincing consumers that used isn’t worse, that worn doesn’t mean old. We believe a crucial part of this journey comes down to the experience consumers have when shopping once-loved. At The Harmonic we want to present sustainable once-loved fashion in the way it deserves, the way we want to shop.

We hope we can play a part in continuing to change the way people consume fashion, and do our small bit to help make the industry a more sustainable one.

Libby and Vanessa