What will I earn?

We work with a tiered structure based on the price of the item – the percentage you will receive of the final sale is listed below.

50% - for items under $500

60% - for items between $501-$1000

65% for items between $1,001-$1,500

70% for items between $1,501-$3,000

How long do you consign for?

We consign for 12 weeks. On the completion of that time you will have the choice to discount, donate or have the items returned to you at your own cost.

How do you select which items to accept?

The Harmonic is a carefully curated platform with a focus on mid to high end brands. We pride ourselves on selecting only the highest quality pieces to share with our customers. Currently we are accepting consignments that fit the below criteria:

  • Two years old or less
  • Excellent condition - no stains, damage, alterations and odour-free

Which brands do you accept? 

Our edit is hand-picked from ethical Australian and New Zealand-owned labels, as well as a small selection of renowned international brands, all with a commitment to sustainable practices. Please see our list of designers here.